Boost your brick-and-mortar ROI at no additional cost

Use ShopperAI's seamless integration with your in-store cameras, and begin gaining shopper behavior insights to improve the shopping experience and increase sales.

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Maximize offline sales with “online-like” analytics

90% of shopping takes place offline but still offline retailers lack many analytics tools for their in-store sales. The impact of this is felt by both shoppers, who don't get the same personalized experience as they do in the online world; and brands that cannot measure their shoppers' behavioral patterns and make informed decisions based on them

This blindfolded arena prevents retailers from
achieving their full revenue potential

Don’t be late to overcome data blindness in offline stores

ShopperAI provides data, insights, and recommendations based on real-time shoppers' behavior. With those insights, we enable brands and retailers to increase revenue consistently and smartly.


Seamless integration with in-store cameras


Simple implementation and early results


Real-time data on a local and global scale


No commitment - free trial for 30 days

Grow your revenue at no cost

There are a lot of concerns retailers have these days. We, therefore, sought a solution that will be easy to integrate. Our solution utilizes existing in-store cameras with seamless integration. We work with retail stores with one common goal: we aim to improve the shopping experience in offline stores for shoppers and to enable brands to better understand their true shopper behavior.

Our onboarding




Receive first data after one week


Gain insights after two weeks


See results immediately after implementing insights at stores

Take advantage of our breakthrough technology

The technology we develop turns camera footage into valuable insights. There are two layers to the technology. The first layer is based on computer vision and artificial intelligence. This layer is capable of taking footage and extracting the shopper's movements from it. In the second layer, Data Science is used to translate those movements into insights and recommendations.

You can start using the service right away for offline stores with cameras installed. With a free trial for 30 days, you have nothing to lose.


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