Harnessing the power of AI to analyze shopper behavior

Gain insight into brick-and-mortar shoppers' experiences, wants, and needs, and receive practical recommendations on boosting your shoppers' baskets.

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From video footage to increasing in-store ROI

Our technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with in-store cameras. You can quickly and easily set up ShopperAI lessons and
begin collecting insights and recommendations about your in-store activities with an easy onboarding process.

Harvesting real-time shoppers behavior data

Protecting shoppers privacy


Our solution complies with all privacy rules and protocols. We do not collect raw data about your customers or identity metrics. Data retrieved from your cameras has already been handled and all private information has been erased. This is done in order to comply with the most stringent privacy policies and procedures.


Shelf Positioning

Utilize the available shelf space to its fullest potential. Place products in areas that will attract customers and maximize sales. Place complementary products together to encourage customers to buy more.


Product Assortment

Identify the best products for shopper preferences and purchasing patterns based on region and store format. Tailored inventory caters to shoppers' preferences and needs to increase sales.


Pricing Strategies

Analyze shoppers' reactions to different pricing levels to gain insight into their price sensitivity. Set the right prices for products and maximize revenues and profits.


Promotion Effectiveness

Test the impact of promotions and sales on shoppers' behavior, and understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. This enables fine-tuning promotional strategies and allocating resources more efficiently.


Store Layout and Design

Analyze shoppers' movement patterns within the store and gain useful insights into layout and design effectiveness.


While e-commerce convenience and accessibility have undoubtedly reshaped the retail landscape, the in-person shopping experience continues to hold strong appeal for a significant portion of consumers. The ability to physically see, touch, and try products, as well as receive immediate assistance from knowledgeable sales staff, provides a level of confidence and satisfaction that online shopping cannot always replicate.

Effortless and seamless onboarding