Meet The Tech.

Our technology, ShopperAI, uses cameras and powerful AI algorithms to generate actionable and impactful insights for retailers and brands.

By leveraging computer vision and data science, we reveal the true story of shopper interaction with a product and improve your bottom line with smart recommendations.

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While current solutions depend on hardware, our solution is cloud-based, completely automated, and independent of hardware, allowing for a simple and seamless onboarding process.


We integrate machine learning, deep learning, data science, and other AI-powered systems into your current video surveillance infrastructure


Combining the power of AI for action recognition with advanced planogram analysis, we are able to bring light to the blind spots of the shopper's journey in the shop and study the behavioral characteristics of a product's buyers and (no less importantly) its potential buyers.


We use data science tools to build Business intelligence (BI) dashboards enabling decision-makers to recognize their products' performance gaps and optimize sales and engagement with the shoppers.